MTX 203

MTX 203


A compact body that fits in one hand and stores in the toolbox for all field applications. With its magnetic sheath, the multimeter is used hands-free, even in cabinets. The patented Multifix system adapts to multimeters and allows to hang them on a cabinet, belt, or hanging ... The crutch, double position, provides a perfect readability regardless of its position. Readability enhanced by the blue backlighting of the display, 6000 points. Even in dark places, a built-in flashlight allows operation of the multimeter. The rotary switch has a function by position. On the front panel, only 3 keys allow access to the different functions. 600 V CAT III, IP54, dual-well input terminals are easily accessible.

The electrical maintenance operations are optimized thanks to the VLowZ low impedance voltage measurement. The realization of a first fault diagnosis on an electronic card is also very easy: by resistance measurement, capacitance, diode ...
In addition to the traditional measurements (voltage, current, resistance, capacity ...), the MTX200 realize the temperature measurement via a thermocouple contact sensor K delivered as standard. The user can thus achieve:
• electrical maintenance
• a first fault diagnosis on an electronic card
• verification of the regulation of a radiator ...

Technical characteristics :

  • Display: 6000 points
  • AC voltage: 0.6V to 750V
  • DC voltage: 0.6V to 1000V
  • AC / DC current: From 10 μA to 10 A
  • Resistance: from 1 Ω to 60 MΩ
  • Temperature with thermocouple K (° C / ° F): -55 ° C to +1 200 ° C
  • Capacity: from 1 nF to 100 mF
  • Dimensions / Weight: 170 x 80 x 50 mm / 320 g