MX 5006

MX 5006

The TRMS MX5006 Tabletop Multimeter in a proven housing: lightweight and compact

Its adjustable handle for a personalized positioning; a stackable case on a manipulator table to optimize the space. The power cord wraps around the feet for easy storage

A display (890x450mm) optimized on the height of the case to offer a reading comfort of 16 mm in main display and a second simultaneous display Visibility whatever the mood with a transflective LCD display with backlight: wider viewing angle.

 A double 6000-dot display associated with an analog display thanks to a bargraph (61 segments).

Performance at the height: 0.09% accuracy and true AC, DC or AC + DC measurement in true, AUTO or manual ranges to refine your measurements.

Extended functions: equipped with conventional functions (voltage, current, resistance, continuity, diode test) this multimeter offers extensive functions: a measure of capacity, frequency, period and relative value expressed in value and%.

Safe measurements in the electrotechnical field with 1000V CAT III: a low input impedance caliber VlowZ for a stable measurement to eliminate so-called "ghost" voltages and a selectable PWM filter for your speed controller measurements (asynchronous motor) .

Monitoring of your measurements with MIN / MAX (100ms) / PEAK (1ms) recordings to trap all faults.

The 3 terminals limit handling errors with a full current autoranging from 50μ to 20A.