MX 5060

MX 5060

Simple and effective, the MX 5060 is a multimeter table measures TRMS AC + DC.

The 60,000-dot backlit Transflective LCD display with central zero bargraph provides instant visualization of signal variations.

Designed for applications in the 1000 V CAT III zone, it offers additional security for current measurement up to 10 A thanks to the single A terminal.

On the electrotechnical side, the field of application is wide and includes measurements on: household appliances, power outlets, switchboards, circuit breakers, disconnectors, tap boxes, etc.

For electronic applications, the MX 5060 has all the necessary functions: DC, resistors, frequency, peak voltages, 60 mV rating, 100 kHz VDC bandwidth.

For a good stability of the speed controller measurements, it is equipped with a 300 Hz PWM filter. Always to improve the stability of the measurements, the VLowZ caliber to eliminate ghost voltages is also available. The monitored Min, Max and Peak values ​​can be accessed directly in front, as well as the ΔREL function.

For recording and processing of measurements, the SX-DMM software installed on a PC offers you: visualization, timestamping of values ​​and export on spreadsheet.

Additional features:

• Frequency up to 60 kHz

• Resistance up to 60 MΩ

• Capacities from 6 nF to 60 mF

• Temperature (K thermocouple) from -200 ° C to +1200 ° C

• USB communication to SCPI command protocol and SX-DMM data exploitation software