MX 650

MX 650

The MX 650 clamp combines the basic features of an AC / DC multimeter and AC current clamp up to 1000A.

Its grip is excellent, as is its readability.

Features of the MX650:

    4000 points display
    Bar graph 42 segments
    Closing diameter 40mm
    AC current: 0.05 A to 1000 A
    AC voltage: 0.5 V to 750 V
    DC voltage: 0.2 V to 1000 V
    Resistance: from 0.2 Ω to 4 kΩ
    Frequency: 10 Hz to 4 kHz (in A) / 10 kHz (in V)
    Continuity sound test & diode test
    Safety EN 61010 CAT III 600 V
          HOLD (display freeze)
          PEAK (capture of 1ms signals)
          REL (relative measures)