Equotip 550

Equotip 550

A new dimension in dynamic hardness measurement
Leeb measurement principle

The Leeb hardness principle is based on the dynamic method (rebound). A striking body with a metal test point is projected by means of a spring system onto the surface of the workpiece to be measured. When the striking body strikes the surface, deformation of the surface resulting in loss of kinetic energy occurs. This loss of energy is detected by a comparison of vi and vr speeds when the striking body is at a precise distance from the surface for the impact phase and the rebound phase of the test, respectively.

Wide measuring range: Leeb striking instruments are well suited for on-site testing of heavy, bulky or already installed parts.

Wide range of hardness scales: Measurements are automatically converted to all common hardness scales (HV, HB, HRC, HRB, HRA, HS) as needed.
Reference block range: Wide range of reference blocks for accurate hardness measurement, available for each impact instrument with different hardness levels for regular verification.