ECHO 9 Series

ECHO 9 Series

These ultrasonic thickness gauges have been developed on a new platform that gives them great versatility. They are primarily designed for inspectors and maintenance operators responsible for measuring residual thickness in corrosion-prone piping, tanks, pressure vessels and any metal structures that are subject to corrosion.

This platform allows ECHO 9 to be scalable to integrate the use of a data memory, A-Scan signal display, precision thickness measurements with single-element translators.
ECHO 9 is therefore the ideal and universal tool for inspectors, maintenance operators and service providers.
At the test site

The ECHO 9 is a device designed to be resistant to the harshest conditions: IP67 housing, high capacity Li-ion batteries, shock-resistant rubber protective shell. Its platform allows software updates and the installation of new remote functions without factory return. You will never be caught off guard.
Industrial Engineering

The ECHO 9 is a device entirely designed and assembled in the USA. It is distinguished by a great robustness, it is upgradable (software updates + installations new functions), it is calibratable with several models of translators and it benefits from an after-sales service in France. The ECHO 9 is designed to last.
High resolution screen

The ECHO 9 is characterized by its 3.5 '' screen which has a very good contrast even in full sun. It is a high resolution, 320x240 pixel high resolution color display with backlighting and multiple color schemes.
main Features

Fast and Min / Max Mode: Displays the minimum value, the maximum value, or both at a rate of 25 Hz
Compatible with many translators
Optional A-Scan Display
Multiple languages
Memory for interfacing with Excel
IP 67
Large, high-resolution screen