S-LED projector

S-LED projector

With more than 50 years of experience in the field of NDT, the SOFRANEL Group, through its subsidiary SREM TECHNOLOGIES, has developed its own UV-A LED projector design and 100% French manufacturing. The S-LED projector has been designed to meet the most restrictive recent standards (ASTM E3022-15 ...), particularly in the aeronautical field (NADCAP, AITM6-1001-11, RRES90061 ...), and to satisfy all sectors of activity, in the most difficult conditions (IP 68). Numerous technical innovations (timed operation with pressure switch, simultaneous UV and white lighting, luminous flux stability at start-up, specific electronic components insensitive to magnetic fields, etc.) make it possible to reach performances unmatched to date.

1: White light pressure switch with the operation indicator (red, orange and green). The latter goes out once all the controls are correct so as not to disturb the vision of the operator

2: Aluminum shell, waterproof and resistant (fall, chemicals, IP68 ...), natural convection cooling

3: 2 white LEDs

4: 4 UV-A LEDs

5: UVA light pressure switch with timed operation (1st pulse 5mn, 2nd pulse 100 mins) then extinguishing

6: Ergonomic handle for easy handling, resistant to magnetic, penetrant and tracer products