The C.A 6417 earth clamps, delivered in their carrying case, allow quick measurement of earth loop resistances. 600V CAT IV, the C.A. 6417 display the contact voltage with the dangerous voltage alarm and provide additional security when taking measurements.
A new ease of use is provided by ergonomic innovations such as a force compensation system for effortless holding of the clamp in the open position, an OLED display, providing visibility on a 180 ° angle, and this in all lighting conditions.
An automatic "pre-HOLD" mode at the opening of the clamp as well as the automatic compensation of the gap at power-on, ensure an optimized exploitation of the measurements provided by the clamps.

They have the simultaneous display on the same screen of:
- the impedance and the leakage current (Ω + A),
- the supply of the contact voltage,
- the decomposition of the resistive and inductive part of the earth impedance,
They also make it possible to display the impedance transposed at a frequency close to that of the network, and thus reduce the measurement errors to a low value.

With Bluetooth communication, the C.A 6417 clamps, combined with PC GTC and / or DATAVIEW® software, allow you to view values ​​in real time, retrieve measurements and create standard or customized measurement reports. Finally an ANDROID application for tablets & smartphones, allows a visualization of real-time graphics, GPS geolocation measurements and an e-mail sending of measurements along with their graphics, comments and photos.

Additional features:
- Wide measuring range of 1500Ω / 500μH / 40A
- Alarms on Ω, A and V
- Automatic pre-hold mode when opening the clamp
- 2000 memory locations
- Real time clock for the dating of measurements
- Automatic calibration of the air gap at start-up
- Buzzer and automatic shutdown
- Bluetooth communication interface
- GTC Data Transfer Software