CA 1246 Thermo-hygrometer

CA 1246 Thermo-hygrometer

Strong points

    Compact and magnetic for fixed or portable use
    Large backlit display
    Registration up to 1 million points
    Communicating via USB or Bluetooth
    Alarms and alarm recording trigger
    Up to 3 years of autonomy
    IP54 housing
    Data logger transfer software with automatic report generation

The hygrometer thermometer

The C.A 1246 is a 3-in-1 instrument for measuring relative humidity, ambient temperature and dew point. With a large backlit display, the C.A 1246 has all the functions useful in the field of Min, Max, Hold, as well as point or programmable storage possibilities.
Communicating via USB or Bluetooth, it is possible to program alarms as well as threshold recording triggers via the Data Logger Transfer software.
Additional features:

- Relative humidity: 3.0 to 98.0% RH
- Ambient temperature: from - 10.0 to + 60.0 ° C
- Dew Point: From -20.0 to +60.0 ° Ctd
- Functions Min, Max, Hold, Alarms / ° C or ° F / Backlight
- Recording up to 1 million points
- USB or Bluetooth interfaces
- IP54 housing
- Dimensions: 187 x 72 x 32 mm
- Weight: 260 g with batteries
- Compatible with the Multifix accessory
- Shockproof protection sheath available as an accessory