Dedicated to installation, control and maintenance services, C.A. 6609 is used to identify the order of the phases of an electrical installation and the direction of rotation of a motor with or without contact.

The identification of the phases makes it possible to carry out a correct and safe wiring of the installations or the motors, and thus to avoid damaging the equipment connected to this three-phase network.

C.A. 6609 makes it possible to quickly determine the phase order and to detect a possible rupture of one of the phases.

In addition, it has the additional functions dedicated to industrial equipment (motors, pumps, etc):

    indication of the direction of the rotating field without connection
    determination of the direction of connection of the wires of the phases

These different checks are carried out as soon as the cables are connected for the order of phases and by simply pressing a push button for the test on industrial equipment. The results translated by a lighting of the LEDs are easily interpretable.

Complete and easy to use thanks to the color coding of the terminals and cables, this device is perfectly adapted for the control and maintenance services of industrial buildings. It comes with all the necessary accessories for the different tests.

Features & Specifications:

  •     automatic control from the connections made
  •     indication of presence or absence of phase
  •     determining the direction of rotation of a motor with or without contact
  •     Operating voltage: 40 to 600 VAC between phases with connections / 120 to 400 VAC between phases without connections
  •     Frequency: 15 to 400 Hz
  •     Electrical safety IEC 61010 600 V CAT III
  •     Dimensions / Weight: 130x69x32mm / 130 g