6411 6434

6411 6434

The Digimodem 6411 and 6434 are basic ISDN 2B + D access adapters that enable all types of asynchronous and synchronous communications across the ISDN network as well as interworking with the PSTN switched network.

The Digimodem 6411/6434 is an ISDN Basic Access Adapter (2B + D). The product range supports all types of asynchronous or synchronous digital communications as well as interworking with telephone network equipment through a B-channel integrated modem.

In asynchronous mode, the adapter supports V14, V110, V120, PAD X25, PPP modes, and in synchronous mode the HDLC and Frame Relay B / D modes.

The 6411 provides connections to the X25 network in channel D or B with instant setup times.

The 6434 ensures the concentration of asynchronous links in a 19 '' AMS16 type chassis. It embeds a V21 - V34 multimode modem that increases the performance of remote data collection, monitoring and control centers to any type of remote system on a PSTN, ISDN or GSM mobile network.

The entire range of Digimodem complies with the ETSI, Euro ISDN, Euro-Numeris, VN4 and NET3 standards.