CXR offers a powerful optical Ethernet distribution solution from short to very long distances with full link administration. This system is intended for operators for multi-site interconnection or Internet distribution to companies, as well as large organizations or companies for the management of Ethernet links between floors, buildings on large complexes / campuses.
The AMS-MEDIA16-SNMP is a single fiber conversion center, WDM or Lambda CWDM.



This 16-card chassis is manageable in Telnet, html and SNMP. It allows with a single IP address to manage FOCIR cards, links and remote devices and all the ports of these remote which are FOCI converters.

Centralized administration allows:

The automatic inventory of FOCIR cards and the display of their status,
Enabling or closing links,
Flow management in steps of 1Mbps,
Automatic or parameterized choice of speed and duplex mode,
Flow management,
The management of broadcasts,
The monitoring of the frames by an RMON probe in 9 groups,
1 + 1 redundancy with 2 contiguous chassis cards,
Enabling Link Pass Through mode,
Monitoring and alarm of power supplies and fans of the chassis.

... and for the FOCI modules:

Their inventory and status display,
Management of each copper port: MDI / MDIX / Auto, speed, duplex and flow control,
The monitoring of traffic and food.

The AMS-MEDIA16, 19 '' 2U chassis contains 16 hot-plugable boards. It is supplied with redundancy with load distribution by two AC or DC 48v power drawers equipped with two fans.

The system is equipped with centralized management of the cards and remote equipment attached to these cards. This adminsitration is effected:

In HTML via the SNMP port:


In Telnet with text menus by function and card:


Or in SNMP via a SNMPc or HP-OV type manager, the MIB being provided.

All the functionalities are secure, and the parameterization can also be done by DIP switches if the customer does not wish by administration.
Alarms can be enabled or disabled and reported by TRAP to the manager.

CXR offers a standard chassis or lightweight aluminum chassis for embedded applications, particularly in the military field.

The references available are:

AMS-MEDIA16-SNMP Chassis for 16 media converter cards, SNMP, without power supply 2 max,

PS-AC-AMS-MEDIA Power supply for AMS-MEDIA16-SNMP 110 / 230v,

PS-DC-AMS-MEDIA Power supply for AMS-MEDIA16-SNMP 48v,

AMS-MEDIA16-LW-SNMP Aluminum chassis for 16 media converter boards, SNMP, no power, 3.7kg,

PS-AC-AMS-MEDIA-LW Power supply for AMS-MEDIA16-LW 110 / 230v, 1,05kg,

PS-DC-AMS-MEDIA-LW Power supply for AMS-MEDIA16-LW 48v, 1,05kg.