AMS16 & AMS4

AMS16 & AMS4

The AMS4 and AMS16 chassis allow communication cards to be concentrated on any type of telecom media in a 19 "array with various density, power redundancy, and network management options

The AMS4 is a 19 '' / 1U chassis that houses 4 communication cards. It has a simple fixed power input.

The AMS16 is a 19 '' / 4U chassis that can accommodate 16 communication cards, an optional SNMP management card, and one or two power supply cards with redundancy, load sharing, and 230 VAC input mix and 48 Vdc.

The communication cards can be inserted and extracted in operation and without interruption of service of the other cards.

The CFIP-L Administration Card occupies a dedicated slot. It allows inventory, configuration and supervision of communication cards. It ensures the recovery of alarms issued by communication cards and power supplies. This SNMP management card is particularly useful for managing cards that do not have an Ethernet interface (modems, ISDN adapters, G704 converters). A graphical MIB is provided for the SNMP supervisor.

The AMS4 and AMS16 chassis can receive the following communication cards:

  •     2885P: modem and FAX RTC and V21-V34 specialized link
  •     6434: ISDN adapter with integrated modem
  •     CV-xxxx: G703-G704 Interface Converter to X21 / V35 / RS232 Serial Port, or ISDN
  •     CV200-TTX-R: G703-G704 Interface Converter to Ethernet Port
  •     MD-4000: SHDSL modem for G703 / G704, ISDN, X21 / V35 / RS232, Ethernet interfaces
  •     SpeederLan-Bis: First Mile Ethernet Modem SHDSL-Bis
  •     FO-xxxx: fiber optic modem for G703 / G704, ISDN, X21 / V35 / RS232, Ethernet, E3 / DS3 interfaces