Plant automation

Plant automation

Our client groups include:
• designers and manufacturers of capital goods
• Owners of fossil fuel and nuclear power plants
• generator set packagers

We assist you with reliable solutions for two levels of operation:
• For power plants - Alarm and safety monitoring and control systems (AMS) provide reliable and accurate controls, including nuclear power plants. We can design a complete monitoring and control system for all installations, including load sharing management and generator synchronization.
• For generator set monitoring and control, we offer complete integration support to packers and end users.

Specializing in the automation, instrumentation and control (I & C) of nuclear power plants, we are certified by our customers, including EDF, for the supply, installation and maintenance of electrical engineering products, including K3ad nuclear environments. Products include:
• Control control of electricity
• Automating
• Instrumentation including specialized nuclear sensors
• Process computers
• Data acquisition, monitoring and supervision
• Integration system
• Communication networks

For power plants, our service capabilities are extensive:
• Feasibility studies
• Design
• Process development
• Project management
• Installation, service and technical support

CMR is capable and experienced in deploying complete supervisory systems for power plants of all sizes, including data acquisition, control and access to desktops at the office level. These include coal-fired plants with a production of more than 1,000 MW.