pH-metre PSD1

pH-metre PSD1

Strong points

  •     Compact and robust
  •     2-point manual calibration
  •     Manual temperature compensation
  •     Protection against liquid splashes
  •     Large display
  •     Analog output (0-5V)
  •     Power supply (9V supply) supplied


The PSD1 model is a robust and reliable laboratory pH meter ideally designed for didactic approaches.
Clear markings under the buttons make it easy to control the device.
The offset (zero) and pH slope are set manually to display the calibration process and the characteristics of the electrode to the user.
This allows a simplified approach to pH-metry with manual temperature compensation.
To offer great versatility to the user, the PSD1 has an analog output (0-5V) for compatibility with software EXAO (Experiments Computer Aided).