Films secs 456C

Films secs 456C

The new 456 C sets new standards; Provides reliable and accurate thickness measurements of coatings, and helps you become more efficient.

    Repeatable and reproducible measurements
    2 years warranty
    Supplied with test certificate
    Date and time indication in batches


    Waterproof, robust and shock resistant
    IP64 equivalent
    Screen resistant to scratches and solvents
    Designed for a hostile environment


    Precision -3%
    Meets national and international standards
    Stable measurements whatever the temperature
    Measure accurately on smooth, rough, thin or curved surfaces
    Better accuracy of measurements for fine coatings


    Wide range of interchangeable probes
    USB socket and Bluetooth connection
    Memory capacity of 150,000 measurements in 2500 lots
    Thickness measurements of coatings up to 30mm


    Large keys, ideal when wearing gloves
    Simple menus in multiple languages
    LCD color screen with high quality contrast and automatic rotation
    Factory calibrated for immediate use
    Maximum and minimum measurement limit indicators


    70 measurements per minute
    Memorizing different calibrations
    Alphanumeric lot identification
    Choice of calibration method
    Software included