Strong points

    Automatic reciprocal and continuous recognition
    Automatic recognition of resistors, diodes & capacitors
    Automatic selection of templates
    Indication of presence of dangerous voltage
    Removable touch points


Lightweight, with good handling, the C.A 755 has an IP 54 enclosure that is dust-proof and resistant to falling at 2 meters. Featuring a large 3000-dot backlit display for easy reading of values, the C.A 755 tester is ergonomic and functional.
Electricians, heating engineers, mechanics, maintenance technicians, the C.A 755 is the essential tool for your control and maintenance operations. It allows you to work safely:

    double insulation
    voltage protection up to 6 kV (electric shock)
    protection in continuity test, resistances, capacities up to 1000 V
    contactless voltage detection
    indication of the presence of dangerous voltage
    600V CAT III

The C.A 755 complies with the new IEC 61010-2-033 multimeter standard.
It provides both the essential functions of voltage and continuity and more specific multimeters, diode test, resistance, continuity and capacity. Equipped with the "SMART" feature, the C.A 755 automatically recognizes the DC or AC as well as resistor, diodes and capacitors
Simple and effective, the tips are removable and easily replaceable. They are stored in a compartment built into the device.

Characteristics :
• Voltage: 3 mVDC to 1000 VDC / 100 mVAC to 1000 VAC
• Resistance: from 0.3 Ω to 30 MΩ
• Capacity: from 400pF to 30mF
• Diode test
• Sound continuity for R ≤ 30 Ω
• 600 V CAT III