The 2885P is a PSTN-switched voiceband modem and 2- or 4-wire Specialized Link V10 to V34 +, V27, V29 and Bell 202T.

The 2885P is a voiceband modem for switched telephone network and Leased / Specialized / Private 2 or 4-wire link with programmable backup on PSTN. It complies with ITU-T V21, V22, V22Bis, V23 Full Duplex and HD, V32, V32 Bis, V34, and Fax Group 3 standards in V27 / V29 / V17. On 4-wire links, it supports V23, Bell 202T, V27 and V29 Full Duplex modes.

The 2885P provides a communication channel for asynchronous or synchronous terminals. Its terminal interface is configurable in RS232 or V35 / X21.

In asynchronous mode, the 2885P provides error correction and data compression protocols from 300 bps to 115,200 bps. It is equipped with many functions of management of the Break, control of flow, exhausts, rescue of LS on RTC with time slots, automatic numbering, tests of loops, automatic reminders, security of access, detection DTMF and Caller-ID, alarm relay.

On private links and depending on the diameter of the cable, the 2885P allows communication over several tens of km.

The 2885P is used in a wide range of telemetry and control applications (RTU, SCADA), defense (TADIL), power pilot cable connections, meter reading, BSC / HLDC / X25 synchronous communications, and the concentration of many remote terminals.

Modem RTC liaison specialisee

The 2885P is available with a wide selection of cabinets with LCD and keyboard, and 19 '' chassis cards that can be managed in TCP-IP and SNMP. All versions are available with 230 Vac or 48 Vdc or 12-24 Vdc power supply options.