Quality management system

Quality management system

MESURELEC ELECTRONIQUE has established, documented, implemented and maintains a Quality Management System, and continuously improves its efficiency in accordance with the requirements of ISO 9001, for this:

  •     The processes necessary for the QMS have been identified and their application implemented throughout the organization.
  •     The criteria and methods necessary to ensure the efficient operation and control of these processes have been identified.
  •     The availability of resources and information necessary for the operation and monitoring of these processes is ensured by the relevant actors.
  •     A system for monitoring, measuring and analyzing these processes has been put in place.
  •     The planned results are analyzed in order to put in place the necessary actions for the continuous improvement of these processes.

The following pyramid presents the documentation architecture of MESURELEC ELECTRONIQUE SMQ

Prospect 2018/2019

  • ISO 9001 V 2015 certification.
  • ISO17025 Accreditation of Calibration Activity (Electrical and Physical Parameters)
  • Reinforcement of the technical means.