Our services

Our company is composed of three main services :

Commercial service


  • One (1) commercial manager.
  • Three (03) technical sales engineers


  • Respond to customer requests.
  • Import of measurement and control equipment.
  • Distribution at national level to all economic sectors.


After sales service


To do this, MESURELEC ELECTRONIQUE has three laboratories equipped with advanced equipment:

  • Laboratory Maintenance.
  • Laboratory Calibration electrical parameters.
  • Laboratory Calibration physical parameters.

The after-sales service has a workshop that allows it to maintain the devices sold and their calibration.

These assets enable MESURELEC ELECTRONIQUE to:

  •     Retain a clientele of professionals.
  •     Extend it to all sectors of the National Economy.
  •     Record a steady growth in its performance.


Training service


Since 2005, MESURELEC ELECTRONIQUE has launched a program of training and seminars:


  • Troubleshooting electronic cards


  • Non Destructive Testing, X-ray, Penetrant and Magnetic, Ultrasound.
  • Method of detecting defects on the bearings.
  • Fight and noise protection in industry and local communities.